Good Old Youghal

Hi All, In case many of you haven’t noticed it appears like, we could in fact get a summer this year, and all in time for my study month, why is it when the sun comes out particularly for students we have to be inside and be good boys and girls and study to make sure we get good jobs and stuff like that, stuff you don’t really worry about til later in life. This is Ireland, and anyone who lives in Ireland knows when you get the sun, on those rare occasions, you go and enjoy it, drop everything, head to the beach and get yourself burned like a lobster and give the same old excuse “I’m irish and we don’t usually get sun”. So in time honoured fashion, the very second I saw the sun out, realized I could in fact wear shorts outside, I packed my bags, rang friends and headed to a real Cork Hidden Wonder the town of Youghal.

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I don’t know about you, but I can remember my summer day trips to Youghal, running around on the beaches, staying away from the water because it was too cold, and constantly pestering my parents to go to Perks entertainment Centre. It’s a great town, with plenty to offer for a great family day out or for a group of friends to go relax, start a BBQ, and make some memories. On my latest trip to Youghal, the memories of past trips cam flooding back and I began to remember some very stereotypical irish activity on a sunny day, the 99, could there be a more Corkonian desert, not to mention the awkward moment in the shop when you realize a 99 doesn’t actually cost 99. So to start off the day we stopped in a shop on the way and bought a 99 (for 1.60, seriously) and found a great spot at the end of the beach as we had a feeling that we would be there a while and we didn’t really want the sheer panic that ensues as the tied comes in as it threatens to wet your clothes or worse yet your Sand castle, as every irish person knows your pour your heat and soul into every sand castle you build in the name of Ireland. Then, of course after the energy exerted over the sand castle you’ll have to celebrate in true irish fashion with a snack box, which could possibly one of the true irish delicacy. And of course I don’t know about you all, but I had one of those grandmothers who brought the flask, which held the lifeblood of Cork and Irish society “Tea”. There is no trip to the beach, which doesn’t involve a fine cup of tea, in a small plastic cup. Great times.


So what else is on offer in Youghal, besides the obvious attraction of Youghal beach? What others attractions make you want to visit this Cork Hidden Wonder. Where here is a list of the top 10 Youghal attraction:

  1. Stroll, swim, or surf along one of our 3 blue flag beaches. Remember it’s free!
  2. Take a cruise along the stunning Blackwater River with Captain Tony Gallagher on ‘The Maeve’ Blackwater Cruise
  3. Visit St. Mary’s Collegiate Church and Gardens one of the oldest Christian sites in the country, of unparalleled historical importance for Ireland.
  4. Book a round of golf at Youghal Golf Club – a scenic and challenging 18 hole – Par 71, Parkland Golf Course.
  5. Make it a great night for all the family at Youghal’s Greyhound Stadium. Every Monday and Friday.
  6. Check out Youghal’s Festivals and Events. Almost every weekend we have a festival or event taking place.  See our ‘whats on section’.
  7. Visit Perks Entertainment Centre one of Ireland’s largest indoor funfair centres.
  8. Go diving or deep sea fishing on one of Youghal’s ‘State of the Art’ Charter Boats  – The Rebecca C  (wheelchair accessible) or The Seahunter.
  9. Work-out, relax or enjoy the fantastic facilities of Aura Leisure Centre with 25mtr pool including slide and fun feature pool for kids.
  10. Visit Foxes Lane Museum. Come and see how your great-grandparents coped with day to day living before the invention of indoor plumbing, electricity, and the automobile.

So in my opinion with the days appearing to be sunnier, get some sun cream, your best shorts, and a flask full of tea and head down to Youghal and enjoy the sun, sea and sand of this Cork Hidden wonder.


If you want more Information on Youghal and the sites on offer, check out


This site shows you the upcoming events, festivals, and best spots to eat out. Check them out on facebook, or book your tickets for any events online. If you want to check out Youghal beach, here a quick view of the coastline.



Mardyke Entertainment Complex

Hey Guys, with it being Saint Patricks weekend I thought Id take a twist this week and check out a Bar that offers great deals, promotions and a sports fans paradise. Its not just because it Patricks Day and I’m looking for somewhere to drink, its more that I wanted to find a place for a Friday or Saturday night where you can go with friends and have fun. So on my quest to find this friend Utopia, a place where my friends and I could actually talk to each other without being blown away by loud music, and at the same time do something that isn’t the norm, we found the Mardyke Entertainment Complex. On my first visit (which came about in an attempt to find somewhere away from Patrick street that didnt involve crashing through 50 people to get too) it seemed at first glance, too good to be true.  I dont know if it was Patricks day or they just do it all the time but whatever you fancied, food, drinks or leisure activities it was at your fingertips. There were special offer pitchers, and probably one of the greatest innovations to hit Ireland a Pitcher and Ping Pong deal, where you can actually track your drunk level as it rises while your hand eye co-ordination plummets. In the end this turned into a cruel but at the same time thoroughly enjoyable experience. This without doubt brings the Mardyke Sports Complex into the realm of a Cork Hidden Wonder.

Ok, I’ll admit it, the fact it was Saint Patricks day may have made the whole experience go up a level but it has to be said there is an awful lot of stuff that the Mardyke offer that’s different, a great laugh and a chance to blow off some steam. So what is on offer I hear you ask? Well, besides the very attractive bar qualities that this place has, you can try your luck at becoming the next Ronnie Rocket by trying some pool or snooker, have a game of bowling or even if you think as my friend Michelle constantly does that you are the in fact Mariah Carey, then maybe Karaoke is the thing for you. My night at the Mardyke was brilliant, it started with a bit of pool, followed by a few games of bowling, where it turned into an Irish vs. International game, and sadly it was the only game we Irish won on Paddy’s Day. On top of the leisure activities, the Mardyke also has a Casino; so if you want a chance to beat the recession, maybe try to break the bank.

On top of all the singing, pool playing and ping pong, if you’re a lover of every kind of sport, then the Mardyke is the place for you. The Mardyke sports bar is the Woolshed bar and grill, where they show everything from Aussie Rules, NFL, Premier League, and Champions League. Not to mention the stadium seating experience on offer and 50 inch HD TV’s, which is a dream come true for any true sports fan. The only other benefit other than being a sports fan at the Mardyke is being a student; there are a number of special offers for Ping Pong, Karaoke, Bowling, or pool. Check out for more details.

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A few pieces of Information about the Mardyke

The Mardyke Entertainment Complex
Sheares Street
Tel: +353 – (0)21 – 427 3000
Fax: +353 – (0)21 – 427 5768

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday 1.00pm – 11.30pm
Friday + Saturday 1.00pm – 12.30am
Sunday 1.00pm – 11.00pm


By Car: There are several Multi-storey car parks close to The Mardyke. The closest car park is Finbarre’s car park, just 2 minutes walk from The Mardyke. Please note that Washington St. and Sheares St. as well as the connecting ships between them, work on a on way system. The arrows on the map show the direction of the traffic.
On Foot: The Mardyke is located half way between UCC and Patrick Street, Cork’s main street. Just a 5 minute walk from both locations and a 20 minute walk from Kent train station.
By Bus: Busses number 5 and 8 stop outside The Mardyke when coming in to the city and in the adjoining side streets when going out of the city.

So if you want a night out that will be different every time, then take a visit to the Mardyke Entertainment Complex. It’ll be a great night out for you and your friends. Try it out and let me know what you thought of it.

Now I’m going to go through the social media aspects of the Mardyke Entertainment Complex, for more information check out

All events can be booked over the phone and online, you can book every event available on the Mardyke website and avail of every discount on offer.  In addition, you can also subscribe to an email newsletter so you can hear about the latest deals and offers available each month at the Mardyke.

So go on pay a visit, see if you can be the next Ronnie Rocket, Mariah Carey, or just see how much fun you can have with your friends.

Unlock the past, shape the future!!!!

Hi All, I’m back this week and decided to take a trip to a place I pass everyday on my way to college. Cork City Gaol, its pretty embarrassing that I haven’t been to this hidden wonder when I gaze at it with wonder and enthrallment everyday. I didn’t actually realize what happened behind those high walls on a day to day basis until I experienced the history and heritage that flows throughout the complex. As you stroll through the wings, the atmosphere suggests a shadow of inmates past following you as their stories are told, while you become engaged in the events that shaped Irish history. Each new cell representing a different period in Irish history from pre famine Ireland to the foundation of the Irish free state. Walking into the cells you can get a feel of how hard it would be, confined to a small space yearning for freedom and a sense of the outside world. A shiver descends over your entire body as you become engulfed into the world of prison life as you read the wall scrapping’s of sentenced men and women who had one wish to see their loved ones and not live of their days inside the confines of Cork City Gaol.

This hidden wonder provides an entrance into a world that unless you’ve experienced you won’t understand. The world is given a voice through the great audio tour available; it gives insight into the lives, perceptions, events and inner thoughts of inmates who lived the majority of their lives locked away from the outside world. It’s amazing how you begin to empathise with the inmates’, their worries and fears as you become enthralled with their stories and the wrong doings in their life. The complex also has many wax figures to show the contrasting lifestyles of 19th century Ireland, and the conditions that people lived in, providing numerous reasons why they turned to crime.

Inside the walls of this Hidden Wonder, is another significant attraction, the Heritage centre. The centre is well known for its wax figures that show life both inside and outside the prison. Furnished cells, amazing exhibitions, and lifelike wax figures all combine to make this a truly unforgettable experience.

Here are a few pieces of information that you’ll need to know about the Cork City Gaol and facilities.

Additional Features
Opening hours : Daily, 9.30 – 17.00, Mar – Oct, 10.00 – 16.00, Nov – Feb.

Admission prices : Adult: €8, Student/Senior: €7, Child: €4.50. Family (2 Adults and up to 4 children): €24.

Facilities : Audio-visual presentation. Teashop (Easter – October). Coach parking. Language guides available in Irish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Polish, Swedish, Hungarian and Russian.

Disabled access : Yes.

Method of payment : Cash or cheque.

Method of Payment : Cash or cheque

Direction : From city centre: Westwards onto Washington Street, Western

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Famous Inmates;
1820s/30s Many prisoners (men/women) were held in Cork City Gaol before being transported on convict ships to Australia
1840’s Young Irelanders;
Denny Lane,Terence Bellew McManus, Ralph & Isaac Varian
1860s Fenians;
Brian Dillon, John Sarsfield Casey (“The Galtee Boy”),
James Mountaine
1880s Land League; Hannah Reynolds
1900s Countess Markievicz
1920s Civil War;
Frank O’Connor, Mary Bowles, Sean McCarthy, Todd Andrews
Jim Hurley.

As you can see a list of famous inmates who have spent time in Cork City Gaol. Its amazing how stemmed in history Cork city Gaol is, we can see how it was a stopping for prisoners being sent to the other side of the world in Australia. Not to mention the Irish Civil war and some of the names are chronicled in Irish history.

Now we will have a look some of the social media aspects that are on offer. If you want to discuss the Gaol further check out the facebook page at

You can also find out exactly who has been an inmate by checking out the website at where you can plan your trip, check out some of the sights online, and get an insight into the rich history and archaeological heritage that is still clearly evident today.

This is truly another Cork Hidden Wonder; a perfect place to spend time and cast yourself back to a time when people struggled for food, purpose and freedom.  So try it out let me know what you thought and have fun visiting a historical landmark that is just around the corner.

Cork Sea Safari

Hey Guys, I’m finally back after a week in Montreal Representing UCC at a case competition. Didn’t win but the experience alone was worth the trip. This week I decided to take a Journey and instead of something like Fota where the animals come to me, I thought I would take a different route and go to where the Animals are. So this week I went on a Cork Sea Safari. Now, I was skeptical at best that there was any Whales or Dolphins around Cork aside from Fungi in Kerry. However, I was happily surprised by the spectacle and array of marine life that followed my journey around Cork harbor. The sea safari is a truly thrilling experience. On this trip you find a combination of high speed thrills through one of the largest and finest natural harbours in the world, while encountering majestic marine that makes you beg the question ”Are we really still in Cork?” . Cork’s Sea Safari is a Cork Hidden Wonder where your try your luck and search for some of the friendliest and most interactive sea creatures you will ever meet. See the bottle nosed dolphins as they jump through the waves and in perfect unison. It is quite a sight to behold how they effortlessly glide through the waves as they swim past your boat. This is something I feel everyone should see in their lifetime, animals in their natural habitat, where we can actually see how they interact and behave naturally in the wild.

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Cork Sea Safari’s without doubt provide a unique and unforgettable experience. You get the opportunity to see how our Island was shaped and the history that made it so. This is coupled with scenic caves; picturesque beaches and bays, not to mention the local marine and bird life do make this an exceptional Cork Hidden Wonder. There is no doubt in my mind that this will become a must see on Corks thriving tourist circuit. If for some reason, Dolphins isn’t really something that interests you, you can decide to take on one of the other tours that are available. Why not try Kinsale by Sea Safari, having seen Kinsale during my trip to Charles fort. I can only imagine the memorable and beautiful sights to be seen especially on a clear day while the sun is setting. On this route enjoy the spectacular coastal scenery and wildlife on route to Kinsale. This was fantastic as you got to see the unforgettable marine life encapsulating everything that is Kinsale and as well as the unique coastline features you wont see anywhere else.


Another interesting option given by this Cork hidden wonder is a BBQ, now I am a big fan of a huge meal comprised entirely of meat.  This probably the best option on offer, it combines a Sea Safari Adventure with a ridiculous amount of meat. It is perfect for family, of a group of friends. If you have a very difficult group to please, then compromise, satisfy those who want to be active and those who like to eat. The final option on offer is the Grand Harbour Adventure, Cork harbour can claim being the second largest natural harbour in the world just behind Sydney, which isn’t a bad accolade to have. Our islands and tranquil river estuaries along with our scenic coves, beaches and bays are some of Cork’s most beautiful attractions. All complimented by a colourful history which spans centuries. This fun tour’s, informative and exciting delivery will ensure an enjoyable and unique experience.


Here are a few pieces of information about the pricing, schedule and age restrictions.



Grand Harbour AdventureMon to Sun 2pm
Duration – 2 Hours
Fare per passenger for this journey is €30 Adults, €20 Children
Restrictions – Max Speed 25 knots, Children 10 Years & Older Only

Dolphin Discovery
Mon to Sun 10am
Duration – approx 3 hours
Fare per passenger for this journey is €40 Adults, €25 Children
Restrictions – Max Speed 25 knots, Children 10 Years & Older Only

Kinsale by Sea Safari
On Request
Duration – Approx 6 Hours
Fare per passenger for this journey is €50 Adults, €35 Children
Restrictions – Max Speed 25 knots, Children 10 Years & Older Only

Duration – 4 Hours
Restrictions – Max Speed 25 knots, Children 10 Years & Older. Min 10 pax/Max 12 pax per boat.
BBQ tours are for private parties and corporate groups and are now being prebooked for Summer 2011

Tour Schedule Tours depart daily from Lapps Quay, March to October. Advanced booking is necessary.


So what are you waiting for give it a go and see all the Hidden Wonders that Cork Sea Safari’s have to offer and just dive in.


In addition to the options on offer there are other social media aspects that can be used. Check out their website at


While their check out the interactive photo gallery so can get a taste of what adventure awaits you. The website is also used to make advanced bookings which are advised if you want to avoid disappointment.

Also check out this YouTube clip of a Cork Harbour tour

Where the Sun meets the Sea!!! Charles Fort Kinsale

This week I decided to take a trip to the cold and windy west coast of Cork for a visit to Kinsale to take in the beautiful coastline and the monumental structure of Charles Fort. The views from the Fort were just spectacular as your taken back by the setting sun and cool sea breeze that results from the Fort acting as a wind shield. I can’t talk about the scene enough, gazing along the gorgeous Irish Coastline, arriving for a visit to Charles Fort at half 4 just as the sun was about to set was something I will never forget. The colours of red, orange and yellow mixing together to create a truly astonishing and breathtaking setting, where the sun is slowly and eloquently moving below the low lying peninsulas to provide a final farewell until tomorrow. Charles Fort itself is a true building, which warrants mention for its part in Irish history. The biggest of these battles was clearly the “battle of the Boyne”, which took place during the Williamite war. As you walk into the compound you are moved by the architectural prowess that was exhibited in the 17th century. It’s amazing to think that this structure was built and designed back when Ireland was battling against English rule, when we were determined to decide who we are, and shape the history and tradition of our country.

Charles Fort is one of the best known historical attractions in Kinsale. It is one of the rare Irish coast line attractions that is in fact open all year round with tours available. Without Doubt, it is one of the finest surviving examples of star sharped fort, it has 2 enormous bastions overlooking the estuary, and 3 facing inland. It does give you great images of the battles that must have taken place in the cultural landmark, as well as the thought of the size of force it would take to in fact storm the fort and achieve victory. The size and location of the Fort makes it appear impenetrable as you see the barracks and ancillary facilities that only add support and confidence of the Forts garrison. The Fort did remain in military use up until 1922. The fort was relinquished by British forces following the Anglo Irish Treaty, but it fell out of use after being burned by the retreating anti-Treaty forces during the Irish civil war in 1922. The complex was named a National Monument of Ireland in 1971(4) and has been partly restored by Dúchas, the Irish heritage service.

This is without doubt a true Cork Hidden Wonder, it is a place worthy of mention with glorious sunsets, amazing views and a structure that is chronicled in Irish history and foclóir. If you want to see a truly beautiful natural landscape, with amazing sunsets in a picturesque setting than visit Kinsale and take in the history, scenery, and beauty that is on offer. This is great spot for couples, friends and families alike; everyone can come and enjoy this Cork hidden Wonder.


IF you want to go and give it a chance here are a few facts for you,

Opening Hours

November – 8th December: Daily 10.00 – 17.00
9th December – 13th March: Tuesday – Sunday 10.00 – 17.00.
14th March – October: Daily 10.00 – 18.00.

Last admission: 1 hour before closing

Average Length of Visit: 1 Hour

Here is the price information, great deals for families and admission in my opinion is a bargain for the sights that will await you.

Admission Fees

D Adult: €4.00
Sen/Group: €3.00
Child/Student: €2.00
Family: €10.00

Finally Ill show you some of the social media aspects that people don’t realize they can avail off from this Cork Hidden Wonder.  First of all if you want some more information check out their website at

However if you want to see what Kinsale as a city has to offer  then check out the Kinsale Tourist board website at

This site has all the information you could want, including YouTube clips of Kinsale history and heritage, as well as detailed maps full of information of all the attractions, tips for places to eat, to see as well as the nightlife.

Here is a quick YouTube clip about the history and Charles Fort

The Art of Alcohol ? or just a good time!!!!!

Hi All, this week I took a visit to the sunny south east and savoured the enjoyable and remarkable story of the Jameson experience. The Jameson Distillery is a true Cork hidden wonder and is located in the outskirts of South East Cork and is where the true heart of Irish whiskey was born. As soon as you enter the pantheon of the Jameson Distillery a sense of wonder and entitlement envelopes you as you are cast back to the site of the discover of a truly innovative creation “Jameson Whiskey”.

The tour incorporates both the old and the new processes of creation, as you become engaged with the artform and scientific methodology that encapsulates the whiskey production. A few select connoisseurs are chosen to partake in a whiskey tasting, where you get the opportunity to have your taste buds dazzled and mesmerized by the playful nature of the tastes and how something as simple as the tree trunk utilized or the bottle filled can have such a startling effect on both the taste and texture of the whiskey. Until you visit this Jameson brand land you will be unaware of the time, care and attention that goes into every bottle of Jameson Whiskey, not only do they take pride in their product but the length for which each barrel is stored gives the whiskey its own unique taste, tone and in some sense personality.

The tour gives you an in-depth view into the Jameson Distillery; at the centre of the compound is a historic courtyard, where you are cast back to olden times where farmers manually planted and ploughed their land during harvest, when transport was not a car but simply a horse drawn carriage. Where farmers pilled their sacks high and carted them off to the local distillery to sell. While stepping back in time you can visit the old Distillers cottage, look at wonder at the giant waterwheel, which was the sole source of power for the distillery. It was without doubt a tremendous experience, a chance to soak up the culture we have lost and see how far we have actually come in such a short time.

At the end of the tour, you will be presented with an Irishman’s dream a range of varying whiskey’s free of charge to taste and enjoy. In all the tours I have been on, this was by far the best ending I have ever experienced.  Finally you will be presented with an official Jameson whiskey taster certificate, so you will be officially branded as a whiskey connoisseur from that day onward. In my opinion, I am going to sit back and enjoy my new social standing and encourage everyone to give it a try, it’s a great day out and offers you a historical background of the whiskey industry with occasional interventions of quite proportional alcoholic beverages. So the question I think we should all investigate once you have taken part in the Jameson experience is this “What other tours have you taken that you feel would have been made far more interesting by an occasional intervention of an alcoholic beverage”? Quite a task in my opinion but a fun one to think about!!!

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Now that my personal aspects have been taken care of, let me give you some details on pricing, location and other social media aspects of the distillery tour.


Adult €13.00
Family (2 Adults, 3 children under 18) €29.00
Student with ID over 18 €10.60
Senior Citizens €9.60
Children under 18 €7.70
Group Rates: for 15+ €9.60

Clearly we can see that a group rate is the best option and let me tell you it is so much fun with friends, running around a whiskey distillery is such an unique experience and a true Cork Hidden Wonder that it must be shared with people who you can relax with and just simply have a laugh.  So get a group of your friends together and enjoy the spectacle and enthrallment that will ensue this Cork Hidden Wonder.


November – March, Daily at 11.30, 13.15, 14.30, and 16.00 pm


April – October, Daily between 10.00 and 16.30 pm

Closed: Good Friday (April 6th), Dec 24th, Dec 25th & Dec 26th.


As parts of the tour are outdoors, on rainy days we provide waterproofs free of charge.

Thankfully I was luckily enough to go on a dry day but don’t take the chance and come prepared, the tour only lasts an hour and trust me it will fly by and be over in no time.

If your looking for directions our more information check out their website

Also if you feel like you want to check out what the tour will involve, then check out Jamesons new social media tool, the “virtual distillery tour”. This is definitely one the major benefits that many people will not know about, you get the chance to virtually view the distillery and see exactly where every part of the tour will take place and what will be involved.

So get down to Midleton and check out this Cork Hidden Wonder and let me know what you think?

Unleash Your Wild Side!!!

Hi All, I had a little break over Christmas after my very cold Kayaking experience, after that I decided at the suggestion of Sinead that I should take a visit to Fota Wildlife Park. The first thing you realise as soon as you walk through the gates is that you find yourself face to face with free roaming animals and birds from every corner of the world. The highlight of the day was definitely seeing a baby Kangaroo being chased by a peacock, only in Fota can you something so unusual and extraordinary. So clearly, whether it’s a Kangaroo jumping in front of you or a ring tailed lemur failing down from a tree, each and every visit to Fota is sure to bring its own fantastic and meaningful memories.

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Also, in addition to the wonder array of animals on show a few are far more special then what we realise. Visitors to Fota have the opportunity to see highly endangered species such as the Rothschild Giraffe, European Bison, Lion Tailed Macaque, and Scimitar Horned Oryx. What makes this particular Cork Hidden Wonder is the fact that the majority of these endangered animals do not have the obstacle of fenced in exhibits. This is without doubt the most spectacular aspect of Fota Wildlife Park, and is the reason you’ll want to spend a full day exploring and discovering the fantastic animals on show.

Let me give you a few points about Fota, it is Cork’s most visited tourist attraction and has been awarded best family day out in Cork and Munster. The park is a natural attraction set on 70 acres on the scenic Fota Island in the heart of Cork Harbour, and is located only 15 minutes from Cork City. If you want to take a visit to Fota, then here are the opening times. Mon-Sat 10 am, Sun 11 am, Last entry is at 3.30pm and gates close at 4.30. Prices will vary Adults 14 euro, Children (under 16), Students and seniors 9 euro. Toddlers up to 2 years of age are free. As this is a great family day out they do offer family discounts, a family ticket for 2 adults and 2 children will be 44 euro, a family ticket for 2 adults and 3 children will cost 50 euro and finally a family ticket for 2 adults and 4 children will cost 56 euro.

In addition to the regular prices you can also arrange a tour operator for a large group, this is great to get a cheaper individual price (11.50) as well as an opportunity to gain behind the scenes access. If you enjoy your visit you can also purchase membership to either the conservation of Fota or park membership. Conservation membership will cost you 165 euro, and Pak membership will set you back 110 euro.

Fota Wildlife Park is a truly fabulous day out and one the greatest attractions that Cork has to offer and is a true Cork wonder. It allows you to see the animals of the world and you only have to travel 15 minutes outside the city. See cheetahs, giraffes, buffalos and monkeys as they run wild, free and play in their own habitats. If you ever want to observe animals and see how they interact with each other and in particular how they respond to onlookers get yourself down to Fota Wildlife Park and see first hand.

If you want to find out more check out their website, this website has you tube clips, photos and all the information you could want about this Cork wonder. If you want a taste of what you can see at Fota Wildlife check this YouTube of the Giraffes moving into their habitat

Also check out their

If you want a great day out, whether it’s with your family friends or better half Fota Wildlife Park is a great day out and one you will not forget.